Curated by: Sara Fumagalli e Valentina Gervasoni

The show

Opens to the public from 10 June at the GAMeC in Bergamo - simultaneously with the exhibition While life breathes us - SoPolpoVit'EreticoLe by Ernesto Neto at the Palazzo della Ragione - Atem, Lehm "Fiato e Argilla", first solo show in an Italian museum institution by the Latvian artist Daiga Grantina (Saldus, 1985), curated by Sara Fumagalli and Valentina Gervasoni.

For the occasion, the artist presents a site-specific project designed for Spazio Zero: a new corpus of works made mainly with feathers, wood, ink, silicones and fabrics that offers itself to the viewer's gaze as a set of sculptural entities. which stimulate the perceptive system.

"How can we outline the color?" asks and asks us the artist, who builds the exhibition at GAMeC around this question and the observation of the color green in relation to matter and light. For Grantina, color is in fact closely linked to these elements, but also to space and movement. The artist conceives color as something fluid, vibrant, neither stable nor static, and investigates its experience not in its symbolic dimension, but in the corporeal and mental one.

The exhibition represents an important evolution in the artist's poetics, but consistent with the large environmental installations that have characterized his production up to now. To mark this evolution is the dialogue with the architectural space in which he inserts his sculptural landscapes. A space that Grantina now intends to contain, absorb, and in which geometry and drawing become the grammar of her "gestures" - this is how the artist defines her sculptural works -, translating the perception of the heterogeneous materials of which the sculptures are composed into a dimension ethereal.


Timetable and tickets


Via San Tomaso, 53
24121 Bergamo


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