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Elena Xausa has lent her characters and her unmistakable style, the basic shapes and solid colours, to large firms, newspapers and magazines, particularly in the United States. 

Whether she's translating a topical article or an advertising campaign into images, Elena Xausa appropriates scenes from everyday life, reinterpreting them with humour, often creating paradoxical combinations and situations. Endowed with an extraordinary ability for synthesis, she is also able to represent complex stories and ideas, which she enhances by drawing on her extensive repertoire of imagery, which ranges from popular culture to the history of design, and from fashion to contemporary art. Drawing is the lens through which Elena Xausa instinctively represents the world around her, and in some cases she feels the need to amplify the narrative power of her work by turning to animation. Numerous series of gifs were created this way, including the one for the Crosswords page of The New York Times. 


Similar to other international collaborations that she has amassed over the years, these are the product of the artist’s constant quest to create a style that allows her to address different visual cultures, building a bridge to anyone viewing her work, and inviting them, at the same time, to smile and reflect.


Until 20 September 2021 visit “Coming Home”, an exhibition by Elena Xausa, italian artist and illustrator of international fame, and curated by Melania Gazzotti. The exhibit brings together over 70 works summarizing her ten-year career, held between Venice, Berlin, Milan and New York.


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Piazza Garibaldi, 34
36061 Bassano del Grappa


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Until 02 May 2022

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Until 30 May 2022

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