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closed Tarshito Falls in love with India

The show

A love story between India and Italy Tarshito reveals the result of his artistic relationship with his beloved Mother India and offers the public a series of works of art that embrace and blend with the countless Indian traditions in which the Sacred is still I live. This Tarshito journey has lasted for over 40 years.

The selection of works proposed here marks some chapters of a journey that began in the 1980s and has never ended. It is a tribute to the love story between Tarshito and those places where he has created countless varieties of works of art which, due to their complexity and multiplicity, open up new ways and opportunities to celebrate the encounter between cultures and a way of to think that it belongs to geographic areas distant to us. Tarshito's artistic production is based on the dialogue between artists and their multicolored techniques, between traditions and rituals, between Spirit and Art.


"Starting from July 2017 I started traveling the world to complete a 10.8 meter roll entitled" The Path of the Enamored Wayfarer. "I believe that in addition to being a work of art, this project is an artistic operation, a pilgrimage, a real performance that I like to think of as a form of respect for humanity ... During my travels I look for people who are able to understand the deeper meaning of my projects. I go in search of artists and craftsmen who can perceive that intimate relationship between my intuitions, their techniques and more ancient knowledge. I am not referring only to a purely aesthetic or artistic question but ... in terms of celebration of life, understood as a precious gift coming from the Divine. in search of space-based, timeless knowledge ... and I like that these become part of my works, so that they evoke a sense of ritual and celebration towards life ta. " Tarshito

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Via Spalato, 19/Lungomare N. Sauro, 27
70121 Bari


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