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The exhibition intends to present a selection of significant works of Pippo Oriani's activity, from the beginning and until the beginning of the Seventies, paying particular attention to the theme of masks and the Commedia dell'Arte that so influenced the creative imagination of the artist. Italian prolific painter, architect, interior decorator and publisher, Pippo Oriani is part of the artistic climate of the early twentieth century in a very personal and peculiar way, defining a path that appears from the beginning as an expression of the desire to immerse oneself in the heart of modernity , understood as aesthetic research renewed in the ways and techniques and aimed at addressing in a global way the taste of the Italian society of the time. His continuous experimentation witnessed by the great creativity expressed in many areas, not excluding cinematography, makes him a pioneer in every field, in line with the futurist idea of ​​wanting to change the lifestyle in all its aspects. Enthusiastic, amused and entertaining, of profound culture and a frequent visitor to Paris in the 1930s, Oriani is one of the personalities who contributed to the Europeanisation of Italian art in the first half of the twentieth century.

Braque, Picasso and Leger are the stylistic references of Oriani in those years of formation and in the works of these artists Oriani's indomitable fantasy scrutinizes the elements to be reworked, the compositional situations to be repeated, the themes and the iconographies. The types of masks, minstrels and clowns presented here play, dance, act, study the part. Oriani's universe is a universe where consciousness is lost between the colored panels of the harlequins and the white garments of the Pulcinella that stand out like clouds and swollen sails in the vortex of the colored and decorated floors. All the works on display are part of the Pippo Oriani Foundation. For the duration of the exhibition the only surviving part of the film Vitesse will be screened, shot by Oriani in 1933, rediscovered by Mario Verdone and Gabriele Oriani, an important testimony to Italy's participation in the European avant-garde cinematography of the 1930s.

The inauguration, with free admission, is scheduled for Saturday, March 23 at 17:30 in the Norman Room of the Castello Svevo di Bari.

Works on display

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Piazza Federico II di Svevia 4
70122 Bari


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