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The show

The exhibition, which took shape following the establishment of a technical table on the theme of historical dress in Puglia which saw the participation of various museums and territorial associations dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of historical clothes, will be open to visitors at the Sala Bona Sforza and the Norman Hall of the Castle. Its purpose is to give cultural importance to an important part of the identity heritage of the Apulian territory, capable of restoring the atmospheres, styles and tastes of the different historical periods through clothes.


In the face of the growing need to use cultural heritage in a participatory and dynamic way, the recovery, recognition, protection and enhancement of historical costumes and clothes from collections of both public and private properties, allow to promote and encourage creation, the communication and dissemination of increasingly captivating and engaging tourist-cultural itineraries for visitors.


The exhibition focuses on the gala dress, that of parties, dances and ceremonies, with some examples also for men, in precious fabrics such as satin and damask silk, velvet, pékin, tulle, silk crepe, with decorations and applications lace, lace, trimmings. There are also walking and cocktail dresses, accompanied by scarves and stoles, 'jewel' bodices, furs, and finally some wedding dresses.


The periods represented are the nineteenth and twentieth centuries up to the 60s and 70s, with a brief excursus in the male eighteenth century represented by "Jatta" clothes.


Ornaments such as tabliers, bows, pouffes, pleats, crinolines and typical train of the nineteenth century, join those that marked the so-called modernity at the turn of the two centuries, such as muslin and lace adorned with silks, sequins, jets and rhinestones, to get up to those of the 60s of the twentieth century, in a constant evolution of styles and manufactures, still artisanal, but which increasingly insert fashion into the wider social and generational change that will lead to globalization.

The restorations and maintenance of the clothes curated by Maria Stragapede, Monica Cannillo and Nicoletta Vicenzi were wonderful, which testify to passion, knowledge and unique craft. A fundamental contribution to the staging was that of the ETRA ets Association of Luciano Perrone for the coordination and setting up of the windows of the Norman Room and the DZ Engeenering for the arrangement of the lights. The photographs were made by Beppe Gernone.


Careful participation in the Technical Table was given by the Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Enhancement of the Territory of the Puglia Region, in the person of Daniela Ventrelli.

The exhibition will be open to visitors with the same entrance ticket to the Castle, with the same access methods and according to current timetables.

Timetable and tickets


Piazza Federico II di Svevia 4
70122 Bari


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