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On the occasion of the feast of San Michele, an exhibition by Fabrizio Dusi set up at the Civic Museum of the Capuchins, makes us reflect on the issues that shook consciences in the days of the pandemic. Distances and solidarity, barriers and missed contacts, loneliness and mutual support.


Artist, painter and ceramist, who for years has ranged between various languages, from sculpture to neon installations, Dusi (born in Sondrio, born in 1974, active in Milan) brings to Bagnacavallo an important nucleus of recent works and signs a monumental site-based installation. specific.


A large neon sign will flow on the facade of the Town Hall. The intervention will start on September 19, in the fabric of the city, unraveling an ideal message under the neoclassical windows and above the loggia overlooking Piazza della Libertà. "Together with the world, cry, laugh, live" are words, taken from a poem by Rosita Vicari (curiously attributed for a long time to Pablo Neruda), which touch on topics of great relevance, such as distancing and, vice versa, the desire to return to hug us again.


In the aftermath of the health emergency, the artistic project curated by Diego Galizzi and Chiara Gatti will restore art to its original social and pedagogical function. Art as a reflection of a shared thought. Art as a source of universal stimuli, questions, reflections. Art as a message and militancy, but also art as an omen and harmony with history.


Works on display

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via Vittorio Veneto 1/a
48012 Bagnacavallo


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