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The Giulio Ruffini exhibition. The popular epic and the deception of modernity (1950-1967) will open to the public on Thursday 18 February and will be the first of a series of exhibitions that will take place throughout the year in various cities in the region to celebrate the centenary of his birth. of the artist, who passed away in 2011.

The Bagnacavallese exhibition, curated by the director of the museum Diego Galizzi, will retrace the first years of the long career of the Bagnacavallese-born painter, those ranging from his training at the Luigi Varoli school of arts and crafts until 1967, a "crucial" year for Ruffini, a passage that will change the subsequent course of his artistic path leading him towards an introspective poetics, all played on memory and nostalgia.

The exhibition path built at the Bagnacavallo museum brings together for the first time, offering them to the direct experience of visitors, the paintings that most characterized this period. There are more than seventy works in the exhibition, coming from dozens of public and private collections, among which the Pietà for the murdered laborer (1952), winning work of the Suzzara Prize which gave Ruffini notoriety nationally, the superb Crucifixion of 1954 with a marked Guttusian stamp, and the three paintings with which the artist participated in the XXVII Venice Biennale.

The exhibition aims to present the art of Ruffini to the public before the change that took place in 1967, an art attentive to the everyday and the social that is formed as a direct expression of his land and its roots.


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via Vittorio Veneto 1/a
48012 Bagnacavallo


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