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closed Albrecht Dürer. The privilege of restlessness

Curated by: Diego Galizzi, Patrizia Foglia

The show

After Francisco Goya and Max Klinger, the exhibition line promoted by the Civic Museum of the Capuchins of Bagnacavallo on the most important international artists who knew how to express their greatness through engraving could not continue except with Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528).

The exhibition "Albrecht Dürer. The privilege of restlessness", organized by the Municipality of Bagnacavallo and curated by Diego Galizzi and Patrizia Foglia, is an exhibition event of great appeal and relief, with more than 120 graphic works by the master of Nuremberg from prestigious Italian public and private collections.

Dürer is the "noble father" of graphic thought, the one who was able to raise drawing and engraving to artistic expression no longer a handmaid of painting, but fully free and autonomous. The same Max Klinger recognized it: «A graphic work by Dürer does not refer either to a replicated painting, nor does it translate sensations of color into forms foreign to the adopted technique. It is complete in itself and definitive, deprived only of what the eternally unattainable idea refuses to the possibilities of every artist ».


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