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Life(s) of Webs
Life(s) of Webs

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Among the Mayan peoples, the spider web represents the placenta of Ix Chel, the Mayan goddess of childbirth and patroness of weavers, for whom the spider creates the thread of life from itself. For the ancient Nazca civilization, the spider was represented in their geoglyphs carved directly into the ground of the Nazca Desert in Southern Peru - as schematic geometric figures spanning a length of nearly 50 meters. In Peru, a special class of pre-Inca Chavín diviners (known as pacchacatici) once consulted the spider as a deity and oracle, predicting the future based on its falling movements. In the late pre-Hispanic period, and even today in the highland regions of today's Peru, spiders are observed to predict precipitation and other climatic events.

It is through a new syncretic set of myths, beliefs, liturgies, ceremonies, divination stories, rituals, food practices, songs and dances, that Life(s) of Webs responds to this call. “We invite you to join us in this movement for new future multispecies collectives. Get closer, sense wisely, feel the vibrations. Every contribution is important. It's time to act and be part of something bigger, and at the same time infinitely smaller than yourself."

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