Cup (kylix)
Limestone sundial with Umbrian inscription
Urn lid
Sandstone stele with warrior
Sarcophagus with the myth of Dionysus in marble.
Bronze 'shadow of the evening' offerer
Bronze helmet
Elements of cylindrical necklace
Gold earring, with female head, derived from Tarentinian prototypes
Multiple link gold necklace
Black figure amphora, depicting warriors and horses
Crater (kelebe) used as a cinerary with cloaked characters.
Silver coin treasure chest
High relief in polychrome terracotta depicting a virile figure
Etruscan red-figure crater (kelebe) with funerary scenes linked to the Dionysian world
Bucchero stove (foculum)
Travertine polychrome cinerary urn with traces of gold leaf applied to the surface.
Marble sarcophagus with the myth of Meleager
Attic red-figure bell krater depicting divinity
Sphinx in travertine limestone
Necklace element with pearls and chalcedony
Roman gem from the imperial age engraved in jasper, raff. Scorpio
Amphora-shaped marble cinerary urn.
Cup (kylix)
Marine figure in bronze, pertaining to the lining of chariots
Golden Disc
An urn in travertine painted with stucco di arnth cai cutus
Glass bowls worked in mosaic
Winged deity with bronze dove. Wagon lining
Bronze plate of chariot
Female heads in bronze foil. Wagon lining
Vessel for oily liquids (askos fictile) configured in the body of a fawn.
Inkwell in gilded silver
Sarcophagus of Hope, in fetid stone
Game (Kottabos) in bronze
Base of stone in fetid stone
Polychrome architectural terracotta (antefix) with the head of Silenus
Antenna sword in bronze
Statue of a sylvan deity in terracotta
Fragmentary base in fetid stone
Perugian stone in travertine with Etruscan writing. Deed.
Annian marble urn, used as a baptismal font in the cathedral
Reconstruction of an Etruscan gig
Sphinx in nenfro
Votive Bronze
Travertine cinerary urn depicting an architect. Belonging to the Etruscan rafi family.


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