The Museo Casa Vasari is located in Arezzo, the birthplace of the famous artist and writer Giorgio Vasari. The dwelling houses on four levels: the basement, the main floor, the second floor and the attics. Next to the house lies the Italian garden, originally more extensive and dedicated to the cultivation of vegetables. Vasari frescoed halls of the apartment with depictions and references to the role and the artist's iconography, mythology, the Bible and allegories. In 1950 the Museum was used as a museum and their rooms containing a small picture gallery. The museum collection consists of murals on the walls and on the vaults and other panel paintings that Vasari created to decorate his house. The picture gallery houses inside the collection of "small study of painters", as well as the artists who collaborated with Vasari. Particular mention Jacopo Zucchi, Mirabello Cavalori, Francesco Morandini, Perin del Vaga, John Stradano, Carlo Portelli and Mirabello Cavalori. The house of Vasari retains very few original furnishings, such as the Venus plaster attributed to Bartolomeo Ammannati and terracotta with the Roman emperor "Galba". Inside Casa Vasari preserved the Vasari Archive which preserves documents of "Ricordanze" and "Zibaldone". The chapel in Vasari Finches were rearranged and restored in recent years and made accessible again.

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via XX settembre, 55
52100 Arezzo


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