The National Archaeological Museum Cilnio Gaius Maecenas

The National Archaeological Museum Cilnio Gaius Maecenas is located in Arezzo and is based in the medieval monastery of Monte Oliveto. The monastery is very old and stands on the ruins of a Roman amphitheater that is still partially visible on the first floor. The museum was originally founded by the Fraternity of Lay in 1823 as a museum of "Natural History and Antiquities"; only in 1973 it was bought by the state. The museum houses a vast collection of Etruscan artifacts and late antiquity found in excavations in the city and in the surrounding territory. The museum hosts special sections and themes: paleontology, prehistory, Middle Ages, precious ceramics and bronzes. Among the collection are also the donations of citizens as Arezzo Bacci, Gamurrini, Funghini and Ceccatelli. Among the most important findings of the Etruscan section there are a front polychrome decoration with fight scenes, the jewels of the necropolis of Poggio del Sole, decorative plates, votive statues of children in diapers and a specimen of large monetale. The Roman section instead includes mosaics, sculptures, inscriptions, funerary monuments, portraits and grave goods and mosaics. One of the innovations of recent years is the application that allows the visitor to enjoy the museum in augmented reality.

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Via Margaritone, 10
52100 Arezzo


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