San Tommasos Birth Place

According to tradition, San Tommaso was born inside the thirteenth-century castle of the medieval village of Aquino. The house was probably inhabited by a local magistrate: in fact, near the portal, the inscription "Tomas iudex" is still visible carved in stone, which has caused the naive misunderstanding over the centuries. The village is located on a large rock spur in the valley crossed by the river Liri. The center has very ancient origins, but of uncertain dating. It became an important commercial and production center located along the ancient Via Latina. The permanent iconographic exhibition "Life of St. Thomas Aquinas" is set up in the museum. Four original papers from 1610 created by the Flemish artist Otto Van Veen, a pupil of Rubens, depicting episodes from the life of St. Thomas are exhibited. The visit itinerary retraces the personal events of the saint, especially his philosophical and theological thought which for centuries represented the greatest reference for Catholic doctrine.

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Via S. Costanzo, 4
03031 Aquino


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