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Some of the most famous Renaissance graphic works are on display. Knights, saints, myths in a selection of precious engravings including burins and woodcuts, coming from an important Milanese collection recently donated to the Museo della Battaglia and Anghiari. It is an opportunity to highlight the influence of Leonardo's studies in Dürer's work, with admirable comparisons between subjects such as the German master's "big horse" and the famous knights fight known as the Battle of Anghiari, witnessed on the occasion by the extraordinary burin seventeenth-century by Edelinck, another great virtuoso of engraved art. A significant journey on Dürer's sixteenth-century graphics that influenced the art of the peninsula up to the entire seventeenth century, with his accurate descriptions of landscapes and animals. There are many citations of Dürer's works, for example in Dosso Dossi, Correggio, Parmigianino, but the German master's work abounds with references to the major Italian Renaissance artists, including Mantegna, including the masters of proportions and perspective. Twenty works of graphics are on display, selected from the most relevant, in order to create a path on the thought and representation of the man of arms between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, with their saints, literature, inspiring biblical figures. A selection of works that dialogues with the historic center of Anghiari and with its peculiar urban feature, developed throughout the years in which Dürer matured his experience as an engraver of European fame and spread his art in the most important collections of the time.

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Piazza Mameli, 1 - 2
52031 Anghiari


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