The Blue Cave is a well-known cave located in the municipality of Anacapri, on the island of Capri, the opening is partially submerged by the sea and, depending on the tidal cycle or climatic conditions, access may be more or less complicated. The cave was a sumptuous Nymph decorated with rich sculptural decoration with a marine procession in the wake of Poseidon; on the bottom of the cave, in the emerged part, there are scant remains of cement from the Roman era opera and, in the underground economy, there are niches that housed the antique sculptures and artifacts are still visible on the seabed. Some statues are currently on display in the Red House in Anacapri. Above the cave are the remains of one of the twelve Roman villas on the island of Capri that the historical tradition attributes to the Emperor Tiberius. The typical blue coloration lit taken from the water and from the inner walls of the cave, variable depending on the time of day and weather conditions, is due to the reflection of solar light filtered by the opening (broader in its submerged portion) on the sandy bottom of the cave. It became known from 1826, when it was visited by the German artist August Kopisch on the advice of Angelo Ferraro, a local fisherman.

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via grotta Azzurra
80073 Anacapri


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