The Manno House Museum is located in the historic city center of Alghero, near the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The museum is dedicated to Giuseppe Manno, magistrate, political and historical Alghero. The Museum was opened in 2012 to promote and enhance the figure of Manno and contemporary history. The Museum was the birthplace of Manno, completely restored in 2012 after decades of neglect and the bombing of 1943. The exhibition, which winds through 11 rooms, offers, thanks to the help of media, a glimpse of a ' rich era of change and central to the national development of the Italian history. The life of Manno and his writings tell of a people between the end of the eighteenth century and the long nineteenth century. The museum collection has a large heritage exhibition consists of sculptures, prints, old books, paintings, furniture, papers, manuscripts and original documentation. The exhibition traces the most significant moments in the history of Manno and, thanks to the media, proposes a historical journey of Sardinia Savoy. Some of the most significant events that are highlighted here are those that lead to political unification of the Italian peninsula. The museum has a specific area dedicated to children and the museum education.

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Via Santa Barbara, 23
07041 Alghero

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