The Ferrero Foundation in Alba offers the public opportunities for discussion and knowledge; develops its original paths, enhancing the cultural heritage of Alba and Piedmont to project itself into an open and cosmopolitan context, in synergy with entities and institutions gradually involved in articulated projects, designed for the benefit of the whole society. The Ferrero Foundation made its debut in the visual arts sector with the 1998 exhibition, dedicated to the landscapes of the Langhe and to the artists who were inspired by this territory, now a World Heritage Site. According to a coherent project line - of rediscovery and enhancement of the most relevant figures in the cultural history of Alba and Piedmont with the aim of drawing their attention even outside the local borders - the Ferrero Foundation, led by President Maria Franca Ferrero, promotes and for twenty years it has been organizing historical-artistic exhibitions characterized by scientific rigor and originality in terms of themes and paths. The Foundation also provides, every year, national and international scholarships to the children of Ferrero employees and Seniors, supports scientific research and research doctorates.

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