The Regional Archaeological Museum "Pietro Griffo" is located in the historic center of the city of Agrigento. The museum houses a vast archaeological collection that traces the history of the city of Agrigento and its territory. The collection comes from several state-owned collections, civic and diocesan which have been brought together in one place to preserve and enhance them they can be the best. The museum tour is divided into two sections: the first dedicated to artifacts from AKRAGAS and Agrigentum; instead the second part presents the findings from Enna, Caltanisetta and Agrigento. Of great interest are the materials found in the necropolis, ceramics, architectural remains, the epigraphs, the floors with detached mosaics, carvings and the fresco fragments. Surely among the most popular works include: the colossal Telamon dell'Olympeion that comes from a temple; and the ephebe of Agrigento, a refined beauty and plasticity sculpture in white marble. The museum is served by special panels that accompany the public during the visit.

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Contrada San Nicola, 12
92100 Agrigento

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