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closed Dialogues with the catastrophe

Curated by: Maria Paola Zedda

The show

The exhibition of the MUST - Museum of the Territory of Vimercate curated by Maria Paola Zedda, the result of the artistic residency V_AiR, opens on 17 July and will be open until 3 October Dialogues with the catastrophe 2021. The selected artists, SABA Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu (Romania), Lena Chen (U.S.A.) in collaboration with Cristina Söderström, Irene Dionisio (Italy), Ruggero Franceschini and Zelda Soussan (Italy, France), Haryo Hutomo (Indonesia), Smirna Kulenović (Bosnia), reflect on climate change, on strategies to respond to the thrust towards acceleration, on the possibility of rethinking the positioning of our lives through interspecies dialogues that activate a new relationship with the existing. The exhibition, with free admission, is an invitation to cross our time in an act of listening, to rewrite the imaginary of the future, to poetically and politically rethink the tools to remake the world. Among the utopian and the dystopian, between the real and the visionary, the exhibition is at the same time a secular prayer and a manifesto, for catch your breath and artistically experiment with new forms of coexistence. The etymology of the word catastrophe (from the Greek katà strefein: to overthrow) offers the tragedies of our time such as the environmental, economic and pandemic disaster of recent years, an opening, a space of possibilities and transformation, a deliberate, moved or unexpected overturning that shows the hidden side of things and allows the creation of spaces and imaginaries to rethink the word future.


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via Vittorio Emanuele II, 53
20871 Vimercate


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