The Archaeological Museum, the Roman theater is located in the historic center of Verona in the Veronetta district near the Adige river. The Museum is housed in Palazzo Fontana exposing Roman archaeological finds and acts as an entrance to the site of the Roman theater of Verona. The building is named for the name of the family who lived there until the eighteenth century. The Fontana family led the first archaeological excavations of the theater to which we owe the entire discovery. Of great interest are the exhibits in the museum rooms. In particular, the section of the cemetery tells the various types of burial adopted in Roman times. Among the most significant tombs there is a "grave and doctor" found in 1910. Testimony of Roman architecture and monuments are the ruins of the Gavi Arch and Arena amphitheater. The most important room illustrates the history of the Roman theater of Verona and has several reconstructions that have been suggested by several studies. In a display case are two eighteenth-century paintings with reconstructions of the imagination of theater seen by the Adige. Attached to the museum and the theater there is the Church of San Girolamo it was built in 1432 in which we are exposed unearthed mosaics.

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Rigaste Redentore, 2
37129 Verona

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