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The exhibition is promoted by the City of Venice in the person of Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, conceived and organized by the European Center for Tourism and Culture of Rome chaired by Giuseppe Lepore in synergy with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia chaired by Mariacristina Gribaudi and with the sponsorship of the Interregional Command of North-Eastern Italy of the Guardia di Finanza directed by Army Corps General Carmine Lopez who oversaw the highest institutional aspects relating to the planning, programming and organization of the event which will open to the public on 10 June 2023 at the Correr Museum in Venice.

Aulus Gellius, jurist and Latin writer of the 2nd century AD outlines a 'typical' portrait of Iustitia: a young woman with a solemn appearance and full of dignity; severe expression; furrowed brow; look at a dark and energetic time.

It is a question, Gellius comments, of symbolic features that are easily interpreted: "Justice is a virgin because she is incorruptible, strong-willed because she knows no yielding, austere because she leaves no room for prayers or flattery, fearsome because she is an implacable enemy with those who choose not to respect her".

However, this characterization contains only part of the previous stories, which turn out to be much more complex and illuminate a much more ancient horizon when the order and harmony of the parts were an emanation of superior divinities. It was up to the sovereign, eponymous hero or community leader to be the go-between and executor of good governance.

The exhibition travels through time in search of the formation of the primitive concept of Justice and shows the changes of the image over the centuries, masterfully rendered by great artists of all times.

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Piazza San Marco, 52
30124 Venice


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