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House of us is a project conceived by Irina Brook, innovative in its contents and implementation practice. The first artistic result of this articulated path is an immersive performance set in the headquarters of the Casa dei Tre Oci in Venice. The director will bring the rooms of the building to life in a sort of intimate diary in which the public is invited to explore the rooms of a house, a metaphor for the artist's life. A variety of images, objects, visual installations and soundscapes evoke the memories of Irina's mother, the actress Natasha Perry, who passed away in 2015. In the heart of this House of us the 11 newly graduated actors of the "Carlo Goldoni" Theater Academy they will inhabit the rooms that contain permanent images and memories, halfway between an immersive journey and an intimate diary. Along the way, spectators will meet a mythical character, the actor Geoffrey Carey, who represents the spirit of the Theater and of Irina's mother.

The project renews the collaboration with the Universities of Venice Cà Foscari and Iuav launched with the "Asteroide Amor" review thanks to the support of the Venice Foundation, and is part of the "Goldoni 400" project promoted by the Teatro Stabile del Veneto together with the Municipality of Venice and the Veneto Region on the occasion of the celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the Goldoni Theater.

House of us is an original creation, conceived by Irina Brook. The first version of House of us Part I: The Mother came to life in Palermo, Sicily in September 2021 with Teatro Biondo and its students. In November 2022, Brook develops a new version in Venice for the Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale and its Academy, specially reinvented for the evocative Casa dei Tre Oci museum on Giudecca.

The project explores our homes, our lives, our memories, our dreams, our bodies, our fears, our hopes, our planet: everything that unites us as human beings. Halfway between an immersive journey and an intimate diary, these rooms contain the images and memories that remain long after our disappearance. We move through sculptural, video and audio installations; along the way we meet a seventy-year-old actor who tells us about his adventures in a life spent between theater and cinema; we rummage through diaries and family photos in “Irina's kitchen”; we mix with the young interpreters of the Academy, ghosts of a better future, in a journey of lights and shadows.

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Fondamenta Zitelle, 43
30133 Venice


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