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Undisputed protagonist of the action of the Serenissima and its allies in the eastern Mediterranean against the Ottoman Empire in the last years of glory of the Serenissima, and even before the resistance of Candia besieged on the island of Crete, Francesco Morosini, doge and captain general da mar , was the first to promote his figure as a cult object. A complex figure and subject to alternate judgments by his contemporaries, passed into history as a great leader but also as an arrogant and extremely vain man, he died on the battlefield after an important civil and military career and was celebrated for a long time.

Born in Venice in 1619 from a noble lineage, 400 years after his birth several institutions celebrate his exciting life. The Civic Museums since 1895 guard the entire personal and family patrimony, coming from the family palace in Campo Santo Stefano, of which a reasoned selection was placed after the Second World War in the Correr Museum in the "Sale Morosini", part of the reorganization of 1952 edited by Carlo Scarpa. In the rooms of the Museo Correr dedicated to the exhibition "Francesco Morosini: the last hero of the Serenissima between history and myth" with over two hundred pieces on display, the personal, political and military history of the captain da mar, doge and "Peloponnesiaco" unfolds. There are two mentioned Morosini Halls, here the path fills ten, with a significant part of the entire Morosini collection guarded by the Civic Museums displayed in a reasoned and engaging path.


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Piazza San Marco, 52
30124 Venezia


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