closed Art nouveau.

Curated by: Katy Spurrell, Valerio Terraroli

The show

By showcasing posters and paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics, the exhibition underscores the extraordinary artistic and artisanal blossoming that swept over and ultimately overhauled decorative taste at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Art Nouveau was an artistic movement that, rejecting realism and scientific thought, pursued dreamlike and visionary worlds, relying on soft and sinuous line to accentuate elegant decorations.
Through creating replicas of Parisian living spaces, the exhibition also narrates art and everyday life with an innovative display that recreates atmosphere and furnishings of the time.

With a corpus of 200 works from the Arwas Archives, the Arte Nova Foundation, the Rodolfo Caglia Collection and other private prestitids - the show how the Art Nouveau imposed itself for its new and decidedly modern style, from the visionary creations, from the intensive use of the curved line and the arabesque. Thanks to an innovative set-up that recreates the atmospheres and the taste of the era, the exhibition presents the reproduction of the living spaces of the Paris of the early twentieth century to illustrate everyday life. The path then also concerns the story about the reflection around the decorative arts of a small elite of architects, artists and intellectuals who started the Liberty season in Italy and Turin in particular.

Works on display

Timetable and tickets


Piazza della Repubblica, 4
10078 Venaria Reale


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Until 18 September 2022

date_range Reggia di Venaria Reggia di Venaria

From squares to courts

Until 18 September 2022

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