Swiss Institute

Swiss Institute

The Swiss Institute , located in the heart of the city of Rome , is a foundation created by the Swiss Confederation in 1947 with the task of promoting scientific and artistic exchange between the two countries.

Together with the second branch in Milan, the Institute is the reference point of Swiss culture in Italy, so much so that it offers itself as a platform for Swiss creation and innovation in Italy.

The Swiss Institute offers numerous scientific and artistic events: exhibitions, conferences, concerts, conventions, performances and much more, as part of its multidisciplinary program. Each year the Institute hosts six artists and six university researchers for Roma Calling, a ten-month residency program.

A distinctive element of the Swiss Institute has always been the coexistence of people from different artistic and academic disciplines. The activities and programming are developed through a collaboration and a transdisciplinary approach that takes the form of an intertwining between arts and sciences.


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Via Ludovisi, 48
00187 Rome


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