The Ethnographic Museum of Udine is located in the Borgo Grazzano and is hosted from 2010 in the Palazzo Giacomelli. The museum has a rich collection consists of donations of Gaetano Perusini and Luigi and Andreina Ciceri. The exhibition winds the three floors of the building of the following thematic sections arranged in rooms accompanied by educational and multimedia devices deepening. The building in which the museum has the original decor and furnishings linei, certainly very valuable. The first floor of the palace houses artifacts related to the sacred and the profane, as statues, paintings and votive offerings. They enrich the floor two fundamental aspects of living in community: the music and the game. The rotating section is dedicated to "Tradition of the cabinet." The monumental space includes the living room, the room "Ciceri", the "Borgo Grazzano" space. The second floor is dedicated to the dress, both from the point of view of the craft techniques to produce the fabrics, both in its meanings for the representation of itself in different contexts. Some rooms provide a setting in rotation of the exhibits. The Museum also has stock photos and documentaries.

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Via Grazzano, 1
33100 Udine

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