Chruch Of Santa Maria Maggiore

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Tuscania is a beautiful example of Romanesque architecture in Italy. It was also the first cathedral of Tuscania and the only one with an immersion baptismal font with a bath that is still well preserved. The building is flanked by a massive bell tower that held the dual recall function for the faithful and warning and defense. Tuff, local volcanic stone is the dominant structural element, while the main entrance is in white marble. The interior is almost bare and austere, but the eyes are drawn from the apse where he painted the great fourteenth century Last Judgment) by Gregorio and Donato of Arezzo. The iconography is the classic one: on one side the elect, the other the damned, in the center, above all, the image of Christ the Judge, but the figure that most of all attracts the visitor's curiosity is the devil called by tradition local Cacànime.

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01017 Tuscania


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