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closed On the principle of contradiction

Curated by: Elena Volpato

The show

“It is not a theme or a language that unites the five artists present in this exhibition. It is rather the presence of a space of possibility within their works, which are almost always composed of at least two elements, two or more natures, two or more images that are not fully reconcilable with each other and linked by a bond of ambiguity that sometimes it becomes a clear relationship of contradiction. The emotional strength of their work, despite the great diversity of their progress, seems to arise from the vibration of that space generated between elements that cannot completely overlap, nor coincide in a univocal affirmation, that continue to slide one over the other and demanding attention in spite of the other.

What unites these five artists is the ability to keep within their works the space that separates and joins multiple representations and to recognize their overlap over time, to welcome in the body of the work the shadow from which they come. revealing the inexhaustibility of images, their continuous and repeated emergence. An inexhaustibility which is also the awareness of loss. With each appearance something clears up and something recedes into the background, disappears into the dark.

It is the space of the human dimension that of contradiction, of the ambiguous superimposition of opposites, where each image leads its shadow by the hand, each word carries with it the impossibility of saying and each new emergence is a separation.

Speaking of a principle of contradiction, placing these words in the title of an exhibition is an antinomic game, it provokes in the reader the instinct to correct the sentence by bringing it back to its Aristotelian formulation. The principle we all know is that of non-contradiction. And on that principle the construction of thought is based on which the logical argumentation and the solidity of the science is based, the progress of which has been determined by the exclusion of opposing theories.

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Via Magenta, 31,
10100 Turin


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