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Fondazione 107 presents two new exhibitions for the autumn season that are added to the two solo exhibitions by Sergio Ragalzi and Lucia Nazzaro , Il gusto dei canidi , paintings by Silvia Mei and Geografica, photographs by Turi Rapisarda.

Approaching the gaze to the works of Silvia Mei perceiving the material impetus that accompany each single canvas and letting oneself be fascinated by the acid polychromy of the same, means embarking on a journey into our deepest subconscious without however fully realizing it. Silvia Mei succeeds in an almost totalizing way to insinuate herself into our minds, as each of the exhibited works that constitute the corpus, shows the neuroses and moods of each of us. As if to celebrate a trial, he presents us with irrefutable proofs about the fears, appearances and obsessions that characterize today's society so much.

More than deformed faces, fake smiles and characters out of the ordinary, we should instead speak of a figuration of moods where the power, or better still the arrogance of his art, finds its origin in the simplicity with which he makes these clear sensations and where the same attraction or anxiety initially perceived, actually comes from the fact that we are well aware of the truths that are shown to us, with all their associated hopes and frailties.

The empathic bond that is thus formed allows one to sublimate the externalized brutality, tending to find a new shore in the depths of one's soul. Absurdly, it is no longer a discomfort that is perceived and decoded in a personal way, but a sense of humanity in which the spectrum of emotions shown is thus condensed into an identifiable and shareable transposition. of judgment, accompanies us in introspection, in the foolishness of society itself, in personal hardships, in atavistic or induced fears, in the judgment of inadequacy, transposes current insecurities onto canvas, eliminates potential filters by putting us all naked and making us more authentic, more human. (Maurizio Di Palma).

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Via Andrea Sansovino, 234
10151 Turin


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