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Curated by Federico Piccari

Fondazione 107 is pleased to announce Hortus Conclusus to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the exhibition activity. A selection of thirty artists from Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, USA, in which painting, sculpture, installation, performance and photography interact with each other. Hortus Conclusus , the Latin expression that defines the medieval garden of monasteries and convents, becomes here the manifestation of the intimacy of thought and at the same time the field of work that the artist, the writer, the poet jealously guard. In this sense, the protagonists of the exhibition are linked together by a common modus operandi that leads them, through their actions, to transform a consolidated situation that has entered into crisis. Hortus Conclusus is the ideally constructed place where the word Krisis becomes the driving force behind a heterogeneous and transversal path. In it, the original etymological sense - the Greek one, which carries with it the meaning of "opportunity", decision-making moment - becomes openness to new possibilities and the search for new solutions. And it is the approach adopted by the artists invited in the construction of their work: there is no rule, it is the mental process combined with the personal way of proceeding that show how the artist places himself towards the world.


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Via Andrea Sansovino, 234
10151 Turin


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