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Hic sunt Dracones is made up of two intertwined paths: that of Chiara Camoni and that of the collective Atelier dell'Errore . It is a tale in which the two very different artistic histories confront and respond to each other. After the previous exhibition curated by Elena Volpato, On the principle of contradiction, this exhibition recognizes the presence of a metamorphic thought in contemporary art or, at least, in its most fertile territories, those straddling its extreme border, where the cartographers once would have left their warning written and drawn dragons of all kinds and shapes.

Metamorphic thought – writes Volpato – is a different variant and sister of the thought of contradiction. In literature it is the thought that comes from outside, like a breath of inspiration. It comes serpentine and obsessive like the oracular one of the pythias. It modifies the nature of the one who welcomes it and gives him the ability to read symbolically, filigree, every aspect of reality; to look at each form in its continuous possibility of transformation and analogy with other forms. It means being able to look at something, recognize it, and at the same time see in it what it is only apparently not.

It is a thought that generates dragons: hybrid and polymorphic beings for which the medieval tradition contemplates the mixing of every possible anatomical trait. In the same way, he inspires works that eschew any classification, that go beyond any grid, that hold together multiple images, multiple times, multiple moments.

Both Camoni and AdE often work in a germinal way, they deliver us works in which it is still possible to read the development of growth in a progressive addition of elements from which the whole is born: detail after detail. But they also show us a gradual modification of forms, from work to work, in a diachronic metamorphosis of the work which maintains the ambiguity and magic of the cyclical matrix in which every progress is also a return.


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