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Km 2.6 is a video created by Giuseppe Gabellone (Brindisi, 1973) in 1993. It is one of those rare works that arrive very early in an artist's career and yet already seem to contain the nucleus of his thought in its entirety. Not because Gabellone is a case of iron fidelity to a technique, to a theme, or to an iconography, in fact, it is quite the opposite, but because the intelligence that animates that video has been developing with absolute coherence, in these thirty years, in the variety of fruits it produces.

Km 2.6 takes shape in an interstitial space that lies between the idea of sculpture and the filmic dimension. And the works that followed have the same characteristic of being formed in an undecidable co-presence of techniques and languages considered alternative to each other: Gabellone created sculptures visible only in photography; he frequented the hybrid nature of bas-relief, halfway between two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, and overcame its traditional ambivalence with the explicit pictoriality of colour; he created sculptures through thread-like elements; he designed volumes with two-dimensional elements superimposed on each other; he entrusted the two-dimensionality of the fabric with a sculptural value that it had rarely had.

Km 2.6 is a linear unit of measurement which becomes a measure of duration. The length indicated is that of the adhesive tape that Gabellone, in the video, unravels all around the furniture and exteriors of his family home in Puglia, until he also incorporates some of the trees in the garden into a single sculptural web. The flow of the magnetic tape that records the work responds to the unfolding of the tape, translating space into time and time into space.

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