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ongoing Gianni Caravaggio

The show

GAM is happy to present the anthological exhibition of Gianni Caravaggio, who has been part of the museum's collection since 2001. The exhibition is made up of a nucleus of works created over almost thirty years of work, from 1995 to Today. Five new works were produced for the occasion. One of these, a black marble leaf, entitled When Nobody Sees Me, was placed in the museum garden, in the shade of a bush. Inside, it is echoed by a green marble sculpture, a mirror image of the first, entitled In the light of the sun. Other works respond to each other along the way, tracing relationships and mirroring.

From the entire exhibition emerges the evocative power of the works and images which, in presenting themselves, always also refer to further images and further meanings. The thought that recognizes these references is the thought per analogiam, where every form is also a metaphor and where the emblem of the whole can be recognized in every grain of matter. Thought by analogy finds in the finite the memory of the infinite and in the smallest reality the presence of what is above us: visitors will find among the works a cloth placed on the ground, a black blanket embroidered with white stars, arranged in a precise order. Their drawing will repeat the position of the constellations above Turin on October 31st at six in the evening, the day and time of the start of the inauguration. Visitors will thus find themselves included in a perfect mirroring between the microcosm of embroidery and the sky above the museum.

The exhibition dedicated to the work of Gianni Caravaggio is the third in a cycle aimed at the work of Italian artists, from time to time combined with some poetic reflections. The first exhibition of 2021 dealt with thinking from contradiction in a collective of five artists. The second considered metamorphic thought, in the 2022 exhibition Hic sunt dracones, in a dialogue between an artist and a collective. In this solo show, thinking by analogy is highlighted.


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