The Risiera di San Sabba is located on the outskirts of Trieste in the district of the same name, built in 1898. Originally the large complex was intended for rice husking, but during the Second World War it was used as a police detention camp by the German SS. In the inner courtyard, right in front of the cells, on the area now marked by the metal plate, there was the building intended for elimination, whose shape is still visible on the central building with the crematorium. The plant, which was accessed by going down a staircase, was underground. An underground channel, whose path is also marked by the steel plate, connected the furnace to the chimney. On the metal imprint of the chimney stands today a symbolic Pietà consisting of three metal profiles as a sign of the spiral of smoke that came out of the chimney. The crematorium building and the connected chimney were destroyed with dynamite by the fleeing Nazis, in the night between 29 and 30 April 1945, to eliminate the evidence of their crimes, according to the practice followed in other camps at the time of their abandonment. Today the Risiera is a place rich in history and a testimony of the horrors dictated by Nazism to pay homage to all the innocent victims.

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Via Giovanni Palatucci, 5
34148 Trieste

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