The Sveviano Museum is located in the historic center of Trieste and was established in the rooms of the Civic Library of Trieste. The Museum was inaugurated in 1997 following the generous donation of Letizia Svevo Fonda Savio, the writer's daughter. Part of it, especially the museum heritage, the mobile-library before which the writer is portrayed in two photographs of the time, characterized by the monogram with the intertwined initials engraved on the doors. There is also kept the violin on which Svevo for many years and loves to practice with whom he performed in several private concerts as a member of a quartet and golden pen Livia gave him the occasion of their engagement, and that is the focus of a fun doubt philological. Of great value are the books owned by him that have come from its library. The museum preserves the autographed manuscripts of most of his works: stories, essays, articles, theater and letters. On display are also the family photographs, an invaluable testimony that shows us the writer when relaxing with the people dearest to him and friends artists.

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Via della Madonna del Mare, 13
34124 Trieste

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