The Petrarchesco Piccolomineo Museum is located in the historic center of the city of Trieste and was inaugurated in December 2003. The Museum was created to enhance the heritage made up of the collection of Francesco Petrarca and Enea Silvio Piccolomini, left to the city by Count Domenico Rossetti de'Scander in 1842 Domenico Rossetti was a lawyer and collector of Petrarchian works during the nineteenth century. Various types of cultural heritage are preserved: manuscripts, an iconographic section, numerous archival documents and printed books. The original nucleus consisted of 2000 works from the Petrarchian, Piccolomineo and humanistic sections. Later, thanks to the numerous private donations, they reached about 6000 volumes. The collection of ancient manuscripts are between the fifteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The nucleus includes 34 Petrarchian manuscripts and 31 piccolominei. The manuscripts belonging to the piccolomineo section are an interesting source for historical studies. Also part of the collection are the albums with 120 drawings made by Venetian artists of the eighteenth century. One of the most particular and valuable works is the imposing genealogical tree of the Piccolomini family of 1685, created by Antonio Ruggeri.

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Via della Madonna del Mare, 13
34124 Trieste

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