The Joyce Museum is located in the historic center of Trieste and was established as a dynamic cultural center and open to the public. The Museum was opened in 2004 to promote and enhance the figure of James Joyce during his stay in Trieste. The museum was created thanks to the donation of Dominic Martin, known collector of works and documents relating to Joyce. The museum collection consists of all kinds of objects and documents relating to the period spent by Joyce in Trieste. Poems, unpublished documents and archives, photographs and manuscripts are the heritage of the writer. The goal of the museum is to continue to enhance and promote knowledge of Joyce in Trieste. The museum has an updated library includes editions of his works, critical tools in various languages ​​and a complete collection of the most prominent topic Joycean magazines in English, as well as video and multimedia technology.

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Via della Madonna del Mare, 13
34124 Trieste

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