The Museum of the war for peace "Diego de Henriquez" is located in the historic center of the city of Trieste. The establishment was opened in 2012 and is dedicated to Diego de Henriquez The museum collection consists of documents relating to both the first and the second world war. Not a "war" commonly understood museum, but the museum of twentieth-century society at war with its demons and its horrors, in the long and difficult path towards a lasting peace that hopefully. The collection consists of about 15,000 items, including weapons, photographs, diaries, books, posters and flyers, prints, geographical and topographical maps, music files, archives, paintings and a fund of films. The museum is spread with a first approach to the issue of the war. The second floor of the exhibition focuses on the history of Trieste in World War I, during the fascist period and in the Second World War until the meeting with Italy in 1954. The chronological narrative is intertwined with Diego de Henriquez's life, providing a comprehensive summary of the general and local history. On the floor is also a large room dedicated to temporary exhibitions and other events that in October will host the first thematic exhibition, dedicated to war toys seen as an expression of a society that tended to also encompass children in an ideological universe militaristic, but also as generally, practiced antidote against childhood aggressive drives.

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Via Costantino Cumano, 22
34139 Trieste

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