On the Istrian Civilization Museum Fiumana and Dalmatian is located in the center of Trieste. The museum was created to offer a testimony of what has meant the culture of Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia. It is located in Trieste (Via Torino, 1) because this city is the capital of the Julian-Dalmatian exodus, the event which saw most of the Italian-speaking population and feelings forced to leave after the Second World War, their historical settlement lands remained outside the borders of Italy. That human catastrophe has put at risk of disappearing even the community memory and the memory of a constitutive tradition of civilization of the Upper Adriatic: the tradition of Latin origin, romance, Venetian and Italian. The museum wants to then present its visitors the essential features of such a long cultural continuity in this way aims to help build a complete picture of the civilization that developed in the eastern Adriatic during more than two millenni.Il Museum was set up with the material acquired over time: art, archaeological finds, documents, prints, books, photographs and drawings. The visit to the Istrian Civilization Museum, Rijeka and Dalmatia runs on three floors. From the ground floor are arranged two locations consultation of digital archives and the second to the third floor you can learn the history of this land diving Istria agricultural and seafaring. The exhibition traces a journey through space and time with the men of culture, painters, writers and musicians who lived and loved Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia, up to the events of the Great War.

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Via Torino, 13
34123 Trieste

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