The Foiba di Basovizza is located in the peripheral area of Trieste. The so-called "Foiba di Basovizza" is originally a mining well: however, in May 1945 it became a place of summary executions for prisoners, soldiers, policemen and civilians, by the communist partisans of Tito. The victims destined to have fallen into the Basovizza chasm were taken from the houses of Trieste, during the 40 days of Yugoslav occupation of the city. On 10 February 2007 the new layout of the Basovizza Memorial was solemnly inaugurated. The "Well of the Mine" of Basovizza is not only a place of sacrifice for many innocent victims, but also a figure and symbol of all the tragedies that marked the events on the eastern border at the end of the Second World War. A space dedicated to a Documentation Center has been provided on the sidelines of the Shrine.

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