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In Treviso, with a large exhibition in three different locations in the city (Museo Nazionale Salce Collection, which for the occasion opens in the rediscovered Church of Santa Margherita, thus flanking the other site of the same Museum; Complex of San Gaetano; Civic Museum of Santa Caterina ) the Mibact, through the Veneto Regional Museum Directorate and the Municipality of Treviso, with the Veneto Region, pay homage to Renato Casaro (Treviso, 1935), who is considered the last of the great poster artists: one of those artists who they knew how to transpose the soul of a film into a poster, not using the photographic image of a character or a scene but drawing it: all while the film was still in progress, relying only on some scene photography and on a formidable communicative intuition.

Curating the exhibition and the catalog are Roberto Festi and Eugenio Manzato with Maurizio Baroni, three specialists in the sector, who analyzed Casaro's huge archive (more than a thousand posters and playbills he created for cinema), selecting evidence of an artistic career that lasted over 50 years, also resorting to the market to acquire and restore works destined, on display, to fill gaps in the documentation of his extraordinary creative story. Casaro's association with cinema began when, still a boy, he began to create the large silhouettes, unique hand-painted pieces, which were placed at the entrance of the Cinema Teatro Garibaldi and Cinema Esperia in Treviso.

The exhibition documents 170 films of the thousand and more for which he worked and he does so starting from the "finished product", or rather from the two and four sheet posters, destined for cinemas or for billposting. There are over a hundred pieces selected and restored for the occasion; the rare and unobtainable sheets of the decade 1955-1965, never appearing in an exhibition, present an artist in rapid formation who, thanks to the fertile Roman environment - where Cinecittà was one of the most prolific industries in those years - manages to give the best of himself in every genre: historical, peplum, comedy, noir and the nascent and disruptive phenomenon of the "Italian Western". It will be surprising to see Trinity and Rambo juxtaposed on the large "terrace" of Santa Margherita, or the unforgettable posters of masterpieces such as The Magnificent Seven, Once Upon a Time in America, Amadeus, The Name of the Rose, Tea in the Desert, L last emperor.


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Via Reggimento Italia Libera
31100 Treviso


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