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The Dolomites preserve a patrimony of material and immaterial values that have made them universal icons of the mountains and have qualified them as a Humanity Property. The shapes and colors of the Dolomites recognize unique geological aspects in the world, which are accompanied by a cultural landscape shaped over the centuries by mountain communities proud of their own identity. The exhibition Dolomites UNESCO world heritage. Geological phenomena and human landscapes, curated by MUSE and tsm | step School for the Government of the Territory and Landscape, in collaboration with the UNESCO Dolomites Foundation, offers a reading of the many facets of the Dolomites. The nine systems registered in the UNESCO natural heritage list constitute the fulcrum of a wider living space, and represent a laboratory of responsibility and active citizenship to experience the integration between the natural environment, human landscape, inhabited territory. The exhibition consists of 24 panels which, through suggestive images, short texts and evocative illustrations, offer ideas and suggestions to get to know a territory that since 2009 has been everyone's heritage and of which it is important to take care. Because today being a citizen of the Dolomites means being aware that the majestic beauty and livability of these landscapes depend on safeguarding delicate balances.


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Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, 3
38122 Trento


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