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The show

The performance On the straight path, realized by Filippo Berta in 2014 and now on display in the project-space of the Ettore Fico Museum, shows a row of people moving along the water's edge

of a deserted beach. Each is focused on their steps trying to follow the labile boundary defined by the waves, which create an ephemeral trace in which the elements, water and earth, joined together and separated at the same time: the attempt of individuals, to compose a perfect line on the wave row, however, it is a goal that remains unattainable given that the sought form breaks continuously. This impossibility is caused by the perpetual and irregular movements of the sea, which become a metaphor suggestive of the impossibility of man to find a balance between his intuitive-emotional nature, and the role of society that conditions and corrupts the individual essence.

This state of continuous tension is at the center of the analysis of Filippo Berta who investigates, through micro-narrations of performances put in place by ordinary people, that particular human condition that between restrictions, mechanisms and dynamics of society reveals an irreconcilable dualism, here mirrored . The human being is (de) formed by the penetrating society

individual consciences and conditions mental behaviors, directing the individual towards standardized roles and towards an intrinsic competition. Highlighting the tension and the existential abyss that is born on the basis of this dualism, with the work of Filippo Berta we are therefore approaching the search for the causes and conditions of these mutations, but also for the identification of a deeply human nature.

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10155 Torino


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