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In 1969 Jannis Kounellis, protagonist of Arte Povera, exhibited twelve live horses in the Roman gallery L'Attico: a surreal and oneiric experience, still emblematic today for the character of disruptive rupture and rethinking of the status of the work of art. art.

Fifty years later, and exclusively for Fondazione 107, the American painter Lara Nickel (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 1985) pays tribute to the Maestro through the pictorial medium and a refined reinterpretation of the same.

"12 Horses - Homage to Jannis Kounellis" presents twelve life-size, hyper-realistic horse paintings on a white background that evokes the white cube of the gallery. They are exhibited in a similar way to the horses in the flesh of Kounellis: the canvases stand upright on the floor, and placed perpendicularly to the wall populate the room, transforming the architectural space into a setting for painting. Not all the paintings are clearly visible from the entrance, so it is necessary for the observer to walk between them to have a complete view of them. Moreover, the structured and labyrinthine layout reveals the back of each canvas: what is usually hidden becomes here a characterizing element, conveying an idea of three-dimensional painting and far from the mere concept of surface.

In his '69 Untitled, Kounellis associated the horse with the size of the cattle, stripping it of the noble, symbolic and majestic aura for which it had always been distinguished in the artistic representations. Absurd and timeless, the work was configured as a lucid criticism of the art market and still today feeds the debate on the nature of the art object. Despite the physical absence of paintings, the artist was very skilled at bridging painting and its tradition, using a subject in it so present and characteristic. Not only: the presence of live animals forced the rethinking of the gallery architecture (transformed into a stable in a stable), imposing itself as a pioneering example of installation art.


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Via Andrea Sansovino, 234
10151 Torino


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