Autonomous Institute Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este - VILLAE

Since 2016 , the monumental sites of Villa Adriana and Villa d'Este in Tivoli (Rome) have been brought together under a single autonomous management, together with the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore , the Mensa Ponderaria and the Mausoleo dei Plautii . It is a “young” body, which brings together and stimulates the excellence and qualities of the territory and is configured as a unique system for the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage. The various sites that make up the Institute have so far had different institutional histories, despite being an expression of the same territory and cultural humus and are now called to constitute a new, unprecedented, composite, territorial entity, albeit with an international vocation, given by management of two UNESCO sites. From this need a new cultural identity was born, summarized in the new logo, Villae , in the sign of one of the characteristic features of the territory on which they insist, that is the beauty and amenity of the places that have made Tivoli a destination for stay since antiquity. Since May 2017, following an international public selection, the Institute is directed by Andrea Bruciati, a historian of contemporary art, who has numerous curatorial projects, experiences in artistic direction at an international level and collaborations with sector magazines.

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