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closed Artist's books 2008 - 2019

Curated by: Flaminio Gualdoni e Sara Liuzzi

The show

Conceived, promoted and built - from 2008 to 2019 - by the Roberto Peccolo gallery in Livorno. Involved in the project fifty-one established artists on the national and international scene, belonging to different generations, formations, geographies and artistic languages: Barzagli, Bertini, Blank, Buzi, Cecchi, Cecchini, Chopin, Conte, Corsini, Crespo, Dangelo, De Alexandris, De Jong, De Luca, De Mitri, D'Oora, Errò, Fedi, Fontana, Formenti, Gandini, Gini, Gubinelli, Gut, Kemp, La Pietra, Lombardi, Lora-Tatino, Lucca, Orlan, Maier, Melcher, Milhaud, Morandi , Morganti, Parant, Peruz, Pescador, Piccolo, Pignotti, Pozzi, Ranaldi, Romanelli, Roffi, Ruffi, Schrank, Spagnoli, Varisco, Vigo, Villeglé, Violetta.

The collection on display is presented in the catalog by the critics: Flaminio Gualdoni and Sara Liuzzi.

(...) "His" Artist's Memories ", writes Flaminio Gualdoni, referring to Roberto Peccolo, this is the title of the series he conceives, are page spaces in which the author does not feel bound to the new verbal tradition of statement but, yes, to a verbalization however preferable, within a fixed format: in folio, thirty-two pages, limited edition of two hundred signed copies of which one hundred and seventy in Arabic numerals and thirty in Roman, the latter accompanied by an original intervention hoc. The integration between texts and images, and above all the area of reflection, are totally left to the artist, but the book form must be evident, accepted in advance, never pretentious: they are "physically and visually only simple books in their recognizable form of pages that turn one after the other with images or written texts printed on them ”, wrote Peccolo himself with his typical dry understatement. The very repertoire of the artists' choice is a sort of "memory squared", because it is the self-representation of his encounters, his passions, his curiosities, his overall autobiography as a fellow commilitator aware of art more attracted to betting than to certainties, from the margins rather than from the center. "(...)

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 17
74123 Taranto


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