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Already very popular with foreign travelers, Taormina, in the last decades of the nineteenth century, was no longer just a stop on a "Grand Tour" with mainly cultural purposes, but became a "tourist" location in the most modern sense of the term. Many foreigners stay there for long periods, guests of the hotel facilities which, starting with the Timeo Hotel, become more and more numerous and comfortable. Some decide to move to Taormina, attracted above all by the beauty of the place and the mildness of the climate, often having elegant houses built surrounded by gardens. The phenomenon finds parallels in other Italian seaside resorts and especially in the Ligurian and Sorrento Riviera. In Taormina the English contribution present with a large community documented by the Anglican Church of San Giorgio in via Pirandello is decisive. In 1907, the famous architect Charles Robert Ashbee built a villa (now a hotel) in the garden adjacent to the Church of San Pancrazio. Strong impetus was given to the creation of gardens that profoundly changed the Taormina landscape. Emblematic is the case of Florence Trevelyan (1852-1907) who, initially settled at the Timeo Hotel and, after her marriage with Salvatore Cacciola from Taormina, in the adjacent mansion of the latter, bought the agricultural land of the locality Bagnoli, on the slopes of the hill of the ancient theater, and, between the last two decades of the nineteenth century and his death, he transformed them into the park of his residence, partially expropriated in 1923 and transformed into a public garden. Even the "Red House" or Villa Caronia where, in the first half of the twentieth century, the baron Karl Stempel and his mother Zoe von Kotzebue live, has a valuable garden, with rare essences, scenically arranged in one of the most panoramic points of Taormina and bordering with another important private park, that of Villa "La Falconara", built for Alexander Nelson Hood, Viscount of Bridport and Duke of Bronte (descendant of Admiral Horatio Nelson).


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Isola Bella
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