Stuttgart Art Museum

The Kunstmuseum Stuttgard is one of the main museums in Stuttgart. It is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, in particular from the city of Stuttgart and Germany. Inaugurated in March 2005 as heir to the Stuttgart City Gallery, of which it houses the collection, the museum is housed in a modern building designed by the Berlin architects Hascher and Jehle. From the outside, during the day, the structure looks like a glass cube that reflects its surroundings like a mirror. At night, the internal stone walls are visible, illuminated.

The original nucleus of the collection derives from the donation of Count Silvio della Valle di Casanova, a descendant of the nobility of Naples, who in 1924 donated his collection to Stuttgart, his adopted city to which he was very attached. During his years in Stuttgart he had built up a large art collection with works of the so-called Swabian Impressionism. In the following years, the museum's collection expanded thanks to acquisitions and further donations. In particular, the collection also includes the most important collection of works by the artist Otto Dix, to whom an entire exhibition hall is dedicated. Of particular note is the Großstadt triptych, which Dix painted in 1927/28. There are also numerous works by artists such as Willi Baumeister, Adolf Hölzel, KRH Sonderborg, Dieter Roth, Dieter Krieg, Joseph Kosuth, Rebecca Horn, Wolfgang Laib, Josephine Meckseper, Thomas Grünfeld, Ben Willikens, Haegue Yang.

The museum also organizes numerous exhibitions by international artists and young emerging artists.

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Kleiner Schloßplatz 1,
70173 Stuttgart


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