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On the centenary of the birth of the Bauhaus , the Cirulli Foundation “literally” makes room for the German school that contributed to revolutionizing the art of the twentieth century, dedicating a wall appropriately set up within the exhibition "UNIVERSO FUTURISTA". This small tribute wants to offer some suggestions of the great German school and its influences on the European artistic panorama.
Thus the small oil by van Doesburg refers to the experiments of the Dutch school De Stijl and the graphic project of László Moholy-Nagy is influenced by the influence of Russian constructivism, movements that have largely contributed to the growth of the Bauhaus. Korompay 's Mechanical Dancer recalls Oskar Schlemmer 's mechanical mannequins and the three photographs with the characteristic eccentric framing recall the shots of Xanti Schawinsky and the Japanese Iwao Yamawaki. While in the collage by the Czechoslovakian Lodr we can see Walter Gropius 's fundamental contribution to modern architecture in the use of technological materials such as steel, glass and concrete that meet the new requirements of lightness, transparency and rationality.
The Bauhaus was founded in 1919 in Weimar as a school of architecture, arts and crafts thanks to Walter Gropius. From 1925 to 1932 the school was moved to Dessau and from 1932 to 1933 to Berlin. It will be forced to close its doors in 1933 following the rise of Nazism.
Convinced that the arts must interpret the needs of contemporary society, Gropius gathers around him artists of different origins, painters, photographers, architects and set designers in an attempt to give life to Gesamtkunstwerk (total art) by eliminating once and for all the hierarchy among the arts. , an idea that the Futurists had already conceived several years before and that had influenced all of Europe. The Bauhaus, heir to the avant-gardes prior to the period of the Great War, however, is aimed at a more rigorous style linked to rationalism and functionalism.

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