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On the occasion of the reopening of the exhibition The animated archive. Work in progress on 19 September at the Cirulli Foundation , a new section is inaugurated - Federico Fellini behind the scenes - curated by Nicola Lucchi, Queens College - CUNY, which wants to be a tribute to Federico Fellini on the centenary of his birth.

Federico Fellini behind the scenes presents for the first time exclusive materials preserved in the archives of the Cirulli Foundation that want to tell the extraordinary cinematographic art behind Federico Fellini's films and his indissoluble link with the visual arts and artistic craftsmanship.

From the appearance of the transatlantic Rex in Amarcord to the grotesque masks of the Satyricon, Fellini's epic is a continuous overlapping of images and contents that link art to literature, the most elitist surrealism to the most everyday reality, the learned quotation to popular irony .

Few people know, however, that behind the marvelous Fellini's staging there is a meticulous work, made of tempera and plaster boards on cardboard, capable of evoking the physical and character traits of the actors, the variously domestic, foreign or surreal atmospheres of the environments.

With "Federico Fellini behind the scenes", Fondazione Cirulli wants to give space to this "backstage", offering an in-depth look at the stage work of Danilo Donati, an internationally renowned set and costume designer as well as winner of two Oscars and a David di Donatello who, through collaborations with Pasolini, Fellini and Benigni, wrote fundamental pages in the history of Italian cinema of the twentieth century.

Articulated in a path that examines three important films - Amarcord, Satyricon and Casanova - the exhibition includes about ten original studies by Danilo Donati, a difficult selection from a corpus of over 100 works, and will be able to catapult the visitor into the atmosphere of the movie set.

The section also hosts two beautiful shots of Fellini taken by Pino Settanni, one of the best Italian photographers of the last thirty years. The two photographs are part of Ritratti in nero, a prestigious photo gallery that consists of 77 portraits of cultural and entertainment figures that Settanni invited to the historic studio in Via Ripetta 226, dressed in black and with an object that is particularly significant for them. Very funny the anecdote concerning the shot of Fellini who, like a juggler, throws colored pencils in the air. Fellini had never accepted to participate in the project but one day he was convinced by presenting himself to the studio dressed normally. Bad photographs came out. Fellini said he had the wrong photographer and Settanni replied that he had the wrong color of the dress. Fellini put on the black sweater and went back to the studio where Settanni had prepared some sheets and colored pencils. While he was drawing, he suddenly threw everything up in the air and thus the wonderful shot of the juggler was born.

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